Learn HTML With Song Music Videos

If you're a visual learner, our Learn HTML With Song videos may be just the thing you need to help you learn the concepts of code. We work with Oakland and San Francisco-based musicians to make these fun and funny educational videos. Check back often to see what new videos we've released, or simply follow me on YouTube by clicking on the red Subscribe button on the right of my YouTube profile.

"HTML Image Tag" song by LaeCharles Lawerence Jr.

This video does a great job showing off LaeCharles's effervescent showmanship as he plays a teacher clarifying the differences between self-closing and regular HTML tags. The Image tag is one of the most important self-closing tags. Don't know what those are? LaeCharles joins up with a funky horn section to teach you. On-screen tags go along with lyrics.

"Down The Road: HTML City" song by Ben Laatsch

Chad Murdoch's animated characters guide you into the newest HTML tags and philosophies of HTML5. Ben Laatsch's relaxing voice takes you on this tour of HTML5 syntax changes.

"HTML List Tags" by Claude Parnell

This peppy song will leave you with a permanent mental image of the list tags. Create HTML ordered and unordered lists, the secret lingo for numbered or bulleted lists. Nearly every web page uses list tags to markup their navigation site links, so this is an important series of tags to be familiar with. This is a great music video to watch to help you remember your list tags.

"Learn about the HTML Image Tag" by Claude Parnell

The HTML image tag helps you display images. Sometimes the attributes are hard to remember, so try out this snappy song about the image tag and its attributes.

"An HTML Love Song" by Claude Parnell

If you're new to HTML, this is a very helpful video! It will teach you the rules of HTML syntax. This video has a two-minute intro with a fun little game to teach you HTML syntax. The point of the video is to break away from the actual strict HTML tags to get you to think about how HTML is structured. Learn the rules of this video and you'll be ten steps ahead of those learning HTML by rote memorization.

"XHTML Strict Standards" performed by Claude Parnell

There's a one-minute intro to this video explaining the difference between XHTML and regular old HTML 4. This is a funny video with a hard-hitting beat. Claude plays an old-timey XHTML coder, trying to woo a pretty woman with his nerd muscles and XHTML chops.

"Hexadecimal Code" performed by LaeCharles Lawerence Jr.

This video explains how you can specify a color in HTML with Hexadeximal codes. LaeCharles's toe-tapping energy is infectious, as he walks you through an introduction to the six-digit method of choosing an RGB color for web design, using Hexadecimal codes.

Geek Music Videos

We didn't make these videos, but we like them, and thought you'd enjoy them, too. This is a collection of music videos that celebrate coders, technology, and geek pursuits.

"Coder Girl" by Dale Chase

This song celebrates female coders with style.

"Oh, Internet - A love song"

A love song for the internet to get you dancing.

"Lady Java"

This Lady Gaga cover is too much fun.

"We Code Hard"

Work hard, play hard.

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